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RobPro, more than just an editor

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VKRC Editor

from the user for the user

load several archives into the tree structure, display all sequences, macros and UPs and edit them in parallel.

load several individual files into the tree structure and edit them in parallel.

edit two files side by side in the split screen

Copy-paste from all other applications
Insertion and editing of all VW-User calls with complete text update.

VW user calls without texts (e.g. from OLP applications) are also updated automatically and no longer have to be updated individually at the robot.
Complete syntax check and automatic correction of lower case, umlauts and spaces

Coordinates of copied movement points are automatically inserted as well

Comments outside and inside the point PLC with two dashes "- -".

for VKRC2 and VKRC4
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Add-on module

VASS Standard Examination

VW Standard single file test

Individual files are checked according to VW standards and errors are displayed point by point in the editor.

VW standard mass testing

Depending on the selection, archives of entire installations are checked according to VW standards and a detailed error list is output, which can be exported to a text file.

Check your programmes yourself already during software preparation and commissioning!

The following programming rules are currently being tested:


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